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Some special markets and numerous festivals and events are held in the region throughout the year. Especially during the summer months, all towns offer exciting cultural programmes. Some of them are true highlights:

Arezzo equestrian festival “Giostra del Saracino”

The four boroughs of Arezzo fight for the golden lance!

The festival takes place on the Piazza Grande on every third Saturday in June and the first Sunday in September.


Anghiari Southbank Sinfonia Festival” – a musical highlight

Classical music in a mediaeval scenery!

The festival features various concerts on the squares in Anghiaris historic district in July every year.​


Crossbow tournament:  “Palio della Balestra” in Sansepolcro

Witness the duels of the Balestieri of Gubbio and Sansepolco on Piazza Berta on the second Sunday of each September.

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